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Lawn Care; A Maintenance Guide

A well taken care of lawn will always be at its best when talking of a landscape beauty and still have its value growing as time goes by. A lawn should be well taken care of due to so many reasons, and the most important one here is the fact that it could be a great playground for your children. For a lawn to look amazing and be healthy it is supposed to be taken care of in the best of ways possible. The notes that follow should be an excellent guide to lead you to a healthy loan.

Mowing should be the first consideration you take note of. Three inches makes the best height to cut your grass in as much as mowing levels are vital. The grass is likely to get competition from the weeds if you cut the grass to a length lesser than three inches. Only a third of the broad grass should be taken out at the same time as professionals would advise. The name given to the rule involved is a one third rule. More weeds are cut if mowing goes in different directions opposed to doing it in a given direction. Annually sharpening your mower advantageous in the sense that you won’t be tearing leaves at the expense of cutting.

The plants are supposed to be watered if one wants them to develop healthy both in the upper parts and the roots. There are a lot of factors that affect the rate or amount of water that should be given to the lawn. Temperature, mowing height, wind, the type of soil are some of the factors that affect the amount of water that a lawn is supposed to get. A grass needs a lot of water under large trees while greens in shades need little water. There will be little evaporation in case one waters the grass in the morning. The lousy thing about watering in the evening is the fact that the grasses will stay wet for long and could quickly get diseases. Dry temperatures are likely to turn grasses brown, but they could turn green when wet climates approach.

When the nutrient level goes down then this should be the reason you resolve to use fertilizers. There are a number of factors that will give you a hint when fertilizers are necessary. These factors include the age of the loan, the type of the soil, climate, type of grass, etc. The fact that there are so many fertilizers today where each of them offers different nutrients plus the fact that different situations need different nutrients is the reason you need to know what to do at that time.

A healthy, dense and active turf can only be kept that way if one knows how to deal with pests and weeds. Your lawn will be in a place to be well maintained if you can notice pests and weeds as soon as they invade your lawn.

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