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The Importance of Chimney Inspection and Repair

During the winter, the fireplace is very important since if gives you cozy warmth to heat your home. Although we can get warmth during the winter with our fireplaces, it can also be a very dangerous part of our homes. If your fireplace has cracked linings, deteriorating mortar, and creosote buildup, then it is a potential health and fire hazard. You may not notice these problems at a glance, but if you let a professional chimney sweeper do a thorough inspection, it will show these issues. And if you want to find out if your chimney has problems is to do an annual chimney inspection. IF you are able to repair your chimney promptly, they your fireplace will be back in great working order and you can enjoy it safely for many years.

Fireplace inspections involves a simple, noninvasive visual assessment of the key elements of your system. An annual chimney inspection is important; you can make it a part of your chimney cleaning schedule. Your chimney sweep will check for cracks, deteriorations, of problems with flue, crown, brick, mortar, flashing, and the firebox and damper. Video inspections are conducted if there are problems in areas that are hard to see. There should be an immediate action taken to repair problem areas. These problems can get worse if they are left uncorrected for a long time.

House fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangerous situations can occur if the cracks and leaks in the chimney are not repaired. And this is why you need to repair your chimney if the inspections show that there are problems with it. You should let professionals do your chimney repair in order for the repair to be complete and correct that will keep your house and your family safe. Common chimney repairs include brick repointing, relining, and cap installation.

If you see erosion in your chimney mortar, then it is time to do a brick repointing. The mortar is the glue holding the bricks in place so if they are already deteriorating then they are no longer being held together. Erosion of the chimney mortar can lead to a crumbling or collapsing chimney. With repointing, the bricks will remain in place and your chimney’s structure will stay sturdy. replace missing and broken bricks so that it still looks great. Chimney repointing can address chimney leaks and deterioration and also aesthetic issues.

The fireproof tile and clay lining of older chimneys can crack due to chimney fires and other problems. Carbon monoxide leaking can occur if there is extreme heat in the chimney because of a cracked lining. The best protection for your chimney is to have it lined with stainless steel.

Chimney caps will keep water and animals out of your flue. Damage can be caused by water and animals. With cap installation, birds, bats, and other animals are kept out of your chimney.

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